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Audit Services

Grant Thornton understands how important audited financial statements are to businesses, shareholders/owners, lenders, investors and other stakeholders. We work with some of the country's most successful private and public companies. Our approach is to first understand the business and the risks it faces, and then to focus our efforts where they matter most. This method is effective and cost-efficient.

Ultimately, we see our audit as more than numbers and compliance. We work with clients to improve their overall financial reporting processes and to help them better understand their business. We also consider it our job to continually inform our clients about accounting, financial and regulatory developments that may affect their business.

Guide to going public

Benefits and drawbacks

See when going public might make sense -- and when it doesn't -- plus some alternatives.

Technical developments

New Developments Summary

Read a detailed summary of a recent technical development or accounting pronouncement.

Weekly updates

On the Horizon

Check out our weekly update on announcements, meetings and proposals from accounting standards-setting bodies and industry regulators.