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Managing and optimizing risks

In today's ever-changing business environment of market complexity, globalization and increasing investor expectations, managing risks while providing value is more important than ever before. All organizations - big or small, public or private - have risks that they must manage proactively to succeed in today's marketplace.

Organizations need a strong approach to managing and optimizing risks, strategically identifying, analyzing, overseeing and monitoring their potential risks. Taking an enterprise-wide approach enables a company to determine how much uncertainty and risk are acceptable to continue to add value to the organization.

Corruption risk

Follow the money

Learn from our client, a global manufacturer, the best practices for managing global corruption risk.

Corporate tax

How to strengthen your corporate tax function

Using technology, controls and a secure data system can help develop an effective tax function.

Managing risk

New regulatory risks

Commodities and derivatives trading operations: A framework for identifying and managing regulatory risk.