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Businesses in every industry depend upon information systems for nearly all aspects of their financial and operational functions. Meanwhile, the cybersecurity regulatory and enforcement landscape is dynamic and rapidly evolving. Organizations must comply with a myriad of industry standards while managing the security of both their proprietary, customer data and data transmitted to third-parties, not to mention the possibility of unknown breaches and leaks.

Grant Thornton's cybersecurity consultants bring business and financial acumen to match larger firms while offering greater connectivity across service lines. At Grant Thornton, we believe cybersecurity and privacy strategy should support your business strategy. We bring a holistic approach, which considers impact across your organization and leverages our breadth of experience.

Prepare for cyberattacks

Breaches cost unprepared companies more money

You canít just sit around and hope a breach wonít happen. You must be proactive.

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Align your business

Develop a framework for reducing cybersecurity risks to your organization while adhering to ever-changing industry regulations.

General Counsel Survey

Resource struggle

The 2014 Corporate General Counsel Survey reveals how resource-strapped in-house counsel battle regulations, cybercrime and litigation.