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Engineering growth for manufacturers

Egyptian manufacturing is experiencing a historic transformation, marked by trends such as reshoring, new technologies and sustainable business models. Today's manufacturers are smarter, leaner and more nimble than ever, but they still have work to do to create enduring growth. Whether your company is considering an M&A deal, optimizing cash flow or navigating regulatory requirements, our Manufacturing team can help address your issues, including:

  • Cybersecurity - secure data and risk management are a priority for all businesses.
  • Complex supply chains - global suppliers and pressure for maximum efficiency demand new strategies to reduce and manage risk.
  • Tax reform and new regulations - from regulating conflict minerals to reinstating R&D tax credits, to final repair regulations, more government intervention means you may need to change how you conduct business.
  • Innovation and sustainability - today's manufacturers need to foster innovation and embrace a sustainability-driven value proposition.

On-time performance

Being timely matters

Competing for customer retention is a relay sprint. If your suppliers fall short, you may not be able to meet your delivery deadlines.


M&A can help you grow

Thinking about growing your manufacturing business through M&A? This article guides you through best practices and recent trends.

Business interruptions

Managing the unavoidable

Preparing for problems that can shut you down is not difficult. You just need to make choices and take action. This infographic shows you the steps.