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Grant Thornton professionals know the health care business

Health care continues to be under the microscope of providers, policymakers, insurers and employers.Rising insurance costs, reduced Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement, unprecedented industry consolidation, and stricter regulations and legislative policies - along with increasing demands for providing the highest-quality care - have entered the life of a health care organization. Across your business spectrum, you can benefit from the extensive experience of our business advisory, tax and audit professionals relevant to health care reform challenges.

High among the challenges are health care reform's 3 points of impact:

  • On providers ...
    Complexity of current legislation, and uncertainty about regulations and policies yet to roll out are imposing dramatic effects on the business of patient care. Health systems, hospitals, nursing homes and others feel the pressure of reassessing strategies and metrics.
  • On health plan organizations ...
    The future has changed. Top of mind are proposed regulations on annual fees in the form of an excise tax that will carry a cost to all entities providing health insurance.
  • On employers ...
    For many companies, employee health benefits as we know them are undergoing radical changes. A company would do well to understand the ramifications of the Affordable Care Act and be prepared for its requirements, including deciding about insurance coverage for employees.

Monitoring and assessing trends, and assisting with strategic decision-making for long-term stability and growth - let us help you improve your organization's financial and operational position.

Complexities of compliance can be managed

The health care industry is set in a complex and constantly changing regulatory landscape.
Designing compliance strategies is equally complex. Grant Thornton professionals apply long-time experience to create industry- and business-specific plans for managing required functions and maintaining compliance in all areas.


Top-down culture is a component.

Top-down culture is a component.

Board governance

8 improvements

Given sweeping changes, long-haul survival starts with board assessment.


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